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snap. share. beat.

Capture a 15 second video and share with your friends so they can add their own version. Post your funny, crazy and awesome videos on BeBirBal to start a chain of similar videos.


BeBirBal Team

Olly Whittle - Founder

Lived in India for 8 years as a kid, utter madness! Started companies in tech, finance and health. Love mobile, social, startups and Arsenal when they win!

Michael Thomas - Developer

Born in Southeastern United States. I have traveled all over the world in my younger days and still love to do it. I develop apps and games as a passion.

Shaz Jubeen - Designer

If I'm not sitting at my computer working away I'm always on the train going somewhere. Most of the time it's the Lake District for some fun, though I always seem to get dragged into sheep visiting somehow!

About BeBirBal

The idea hit Olly in May 2013 when he realised he had heaps of videos on his phone that he wasn't using. What he wanted was an app to share all his videos and see if people added their own version to try and beat his video, but nothing existed on the app store. It wasn't until a year later that he decided BeBirBal would be an exciting opportunity and videos continued to grow in popularity. It's been Olly's dream to start an exciting app that people love using - so here's BeBirBal.


E-mail: olly@bebirbal.com